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Heat Pumps in Orlando, FL

Compressors, Heat Pumps in Orlando, FL

When you need your heat pump repaired, there's only one place in town that offers fast, affordable services from seasoned technicians: Same Day Air Conditioning Repair. Heat pumps are energy-efficient devices and are deemed as "green" technology. This means that they do not compromise outdoor air quality and use natural resources for production.

Heat Pump Repair in Orlando

Our team has the expertise to accurately diagnose and repair all types, makes, and models, from residential to commercial-grade heating pumps in Orlando. Popular brands we work with include:


Bosch®  Emerson® Lennox® Goodman® Carrier®

We recommend that you opt for heat pump maintenance in Orlando once every 6 months to ensure a comfortable temperature indoors. Rest assured—we have more than 20 years of experience repairing heat pumps of all types. No job is a challenge, as we have seen it all!

Installing All Types of Heat Pumps in Orlando

Should your heat pump need to be replaced, we perform top-notch heat pump installation. Orlando residential and commercial clients rely on us to determine what type of heat pump works best for their structure. Whether you own a modest townhome or a large commercial building, we have the knowledge to recommend and install a heat pump that serves you well for years to come. There are two types of heat pumps available on today's market:

Geo-Thermal—There are two kinds of geo-thermal systems: closed loop and open loop. The "closed loop" method draws groundwater through a pipe that is buried about 6 feet underground. Groundwater is transferred to the air coil through copper piping, and then travels through a mechanical compressor. Essentially, the pumps circulate the same water to produce warm air in your home or office. An open-loop system utilizes a pump and operates in a similar fashion, except the groundwater is funneled out onto a dry well or a leach bed.

Split-System—In lieu of using groundwater, this system extracts heat by using outdoor air, taking the place of your existing AC unit.

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